The Best, Funniest Sex Advice I’ve Gotten From My Friends

I like to keep it very real and so do my friends! I recently asked a group of my friends for sex advice to see what kind of response I’d get. Take a look at the hilarious tips I got from them:

1. “The thing most people always fail to do is how to make the other person feel like they’re in sexual heaven regardless if it’s somebody that you just want to have sex with or somebody you actually care about. Either way you want them to remember you when even having any thoughts about sexual activity. Too many people just want their own pleasure. Put your entire focus on pleasing that other person to the max and it will ultimately satisfy you in the act and end as well.”

2. “You’re not gonna reach the big o unless you are completely comfortable with the person and environment you’re in.”

3. “Have fun, only do stuff your comfortable with, and make him do foreplay! No need to rush”

4. “If he comes quick you just have to make him sit still and do the work until your good. Then you let him rabbit f**k you for 10sec, then you both come. ”

5. “Don’t forget his balls.”

6. “When giving head, pretend your eating a popsicle outside on a hot day.”

7. “Squeeze those pussy muscles girl!”

8. “Safe sex really is the best sex.”

9. “You gotta do it yourself first so you know what your into.”

10. “If he says, ‘Let me just put the tip in’, issa lie, dont fall for it!”

11. “If you’re afraid to say no, just get up and go”

12. “I like to be subtle, I simply ask if I can make a throne out of his face if I want him”

13. “If I was a young person thinking about losing my virginity, I just wouldn’t do it until I know for sure I want to. Too many emotions involved.”

14. “If you want to be a freak, be a freak! At the end of the day if your comfortable with what your doing then do it!”

15. “Ice. His dick. Try it.”

16. “You gotta try the whip cream and syrup thing.”

17.”Sometimes you think you really like a guy but your just dickmatized.”

18. “You got to motor-boat the titties. Let them know they’re appreciated.”

19. “You should try the butt stuff at least once.”

20. “There’s more than enough time to feel him up while your making out to decide if it’s going to satisfy you.”

21. “Fav position is missionary because it’s multiple positions in one. And I like to watch them bitties bounce. And eye contact. That’s how you get hoe problems tho, giving good dick while gazing in a mf eyes”

22.  “The starter with someone new is the neck of course.. show her what that mouth do but on her neck.”

23. “Foreplay is the most fun of the whole experience, the actual sexing strokes feels the best but foreplay lets you please one another. I highly suggest it!!”

24. “Give him head. Suck his dick because it’s the right thing to do.”

25. “If your obsessed with a body part of your partner, don’t hesitate to show it. I love my mans 💪🏾 I softly touch on them, squeeze them and kiss on them. It will turn both of you on 💡it can be part of foreplay or stroke play lol”

26. “Deep throat it, use both hands and spit 👅”

27. “U can’t just lay there and take it either u have to contribute throw it back ride it something don’t just lay there like a seal Lmaoo”

I hope you guys learned a thing or two from me and my friends. Can you guys guess which tips came from me 🙈?  As always if you have something to add feel free to comment! Thanks so much for reading! I’ll be back very soon!

                              – xoxo Tozyea

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