Why I Hate Dating

   Dating is one those necessary evils that we all must endure at some point. Although love is earth shatteringly amazing the process in which you find it can be horrendous. I’m almost positive that dating has been painfully awkward since the inception of time, but I feel like this generation has some how completely jumbled up all the pieces and even lost some. Obviously, I can’t speak for everybody. I do know some people who have had relatively pleasant dating experiences, even in this generation. But for me, I hate dating. Maybe it’s because I’m  an intrevotered at times and admitablly awkward when it comes to sharing my feelings. It’s also because of some of our weird dating rituals. 

     First off, I’m not really into the whole dating app thing. It’s worked for a lot of people but the thought of swiping through pictures and trying to decide if I like you based of a profile you probably lie on automatically turns me off to the idea. Not to mention a lot of people just use those apps to hook up. Speaking of hooking up, I hate how we’re so invested in “hook up culture”. Nobody seems to be looking for anything serious and everyone is just kind of ok with hooking up. Which is fine unless you are looking for something serious. I also find that a lot of women (some guys too) pretend to be ok with just hooking up when actually they’re not, but in order to save face and not scare guys off they act like they’re ok with just being a booty call. 

    I also hate the games you have to play. The phone tag, the waiting the same amount of time to text back to not look thirsty, the not texting first so you won’t look desprit. I hate it all! I feel like so many people are so afraid to be vulnerable that it’s ruining the dating scene. But at the same time I understand why it’s like that. Think about it, how many times have you gotten on social media and witnessed someones nudes get leaked by an ex or private conversation screenshot and blasted all over the internet. It’s honestly really fucking scary if you think about it! 

   I also hate that we don’t always go on dates, we just kind of ask each other to hang out. I want to be romanced! If all you ever do is ask me to hang out I’m going to assume you just want to be my friend! We have to stop perpetuating the image that being a “savage” when it comes to dating is a good thing. It’s ok to like someone, it’s ok for some dates to not work out, and it’s ok to treat people like you like them. I honestly believe if we continue on as we are a lot of people will end up single and regretting it or will miss out on someone really awesome. 

   While I hate the dating scene I’d be lying if I said I was going to give up on it. It’s a struggle even for me to be vulnerable and completely open with someone in this generation but that doesn’t mean I will give up. I’m going to keep loving myself, growing as a person and wearing my heart on my sleeve. One day my prince will come but until then I’m going to just have to demand the respect I deserve as a woman, as a human being. You should too! 

   Thanks for reading my little rant on dating. I hope it goes great for you. Please share some of the things you don’t like or that you do like in my comments. Share your stories of love and happiness also!


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