Lazy Girl’s Guide To Staying Fit: My Ab Secrets

Ahhhh abs! Hate ’em while I’m doing the workouts but I definitely love having them. I ran track in college and all throughout high school so I know that abs are there for more than just decorations. When your lifting it helps you keep your spine aligned, they help you keep good posture, and if your a runner you know they help when your legs start to give out. Abs are defiantly what I get asked the most about. I’m going to share some of my basic ab rituals and favorite workouts that I use to maintain my core.

1. Crunches before bed or in the Morning:

I make my core strength a priority. My dad started teeling me and my brothers to do abs every night before bed when we started playing sports. He’s always been pretty fit so he knew how important core strength was. We started out doing 20 crunches before we went to sleep every night. As I got older and the abs became easier I would add on more reps. Now I do 50 either when I wake or go to sleep. Start with a number that’s easy for you and commit to it! Go up in reps as it gets easier for you. You’ll start to notice results and it’s a great fit habit that takes less than 5 minutes.

2. Work on you posture:

Believe it or not your posture alone has a lot to do with your abs. I’ve noticed on myself that when I’m slouching I have a little tummy pooch. The act of standing and sitting with good posture alone works your abdominal muscles. Try being more mindful of your posture throughout the day.

3. Yoga

Yoga has so many asanas that work your core. Everyday I do sun salutations and I’ve encourperated poses that target my core. Yoga is good because not only do the poses themself help out but so does the deep breathing. I get most of my poses off of Pinterest, I literally search yoga for core strength and practice the poses I see. 

4. Drink water and tea:

Im saying it again but it really does work for me. Making sure you get your daily recommended amount of water in really will help you trim some tummy fat and it’s just good for you! Many teas actually help you burn fat. Drinking tea (my favorite is green) will help you slim down over time. I usually drink tea every morning to help me wake up but it’s good throughout the day also.

5. Planks and Russian Twist:

Two of my go to ab workouts I use during my workout routine are planks and Russian twist. I like them because they’re easy and and don’t really require equipment if your working out at the house. Planks are really simple and give great results. You balance on you forearms and your toes keeping your butt down but not touching the ground with anything except your forearms and toes. When I first started I only lasted about 20 sec before my abs burned too much for me. I had to be persistant and strong minded now I can do them for a good 2 minutes. has a really awesome info graphic and article by Kimberly Dawn Neumann on how to do a plank correctly. Click the link to see how to do it the correct way! 

Russian twist are another favorite ab workout of mine. It really works your obliques and helps prevent the dredded muffin top. What you do is in the upright crunch position with your feet off the ground you twist your body and tap with the medicine ball quickly on both sides of your body tightening your abs to twist your body. The best part is that you can use anything with a little weight to do this exercise if your working out at the house and you don’t have a medicine ball. I’ve seen people use a bag of flour, a gallon of water, I’ve even seen moms gently use their babies. I found a great video on YouTube by Rebecca-Louise that shows you how to do this exercise correctly. 

These are a few of my go to ab rituals and exercises! I really hope that you can use some of these tips to help you achieve the core strength that you want! Please keep coming back I’m going to post more in-depth workout routines, some videos, and some pictures. I’m currently working on achieveing my fitness goals so please share some tips in the comments! Thank you so much for reading! 



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