Lazy Girl’s Guide To Staying Fit: 5 Booty Workouts You Can Do in You Room

It seems like everybody is obsssed with booties now! I’m no going to lie, there are times where even I can get a little obsessed. With so many woman opting to get surgery (absolutely NOTHING wrong with that btw) it can be hard to be motivated to workout if your not willing or currently don’t have the funds to do so. Then there are people who just aren’t fans of gyms or don’t have the access. You can get a nice booty without the gym or weights. Here are my top 5 favorite booty exercise can do at home:

1. Squats

Squats have gotten super popular over the past few years. They’re one of my favorites because you don’t nessisarily need weights or a squat rack to do them. I think the squat challenge is a great challenge if you want to commit to an awesome and simple booty workout plan you’ll see results from. Of course of your trying to make some major booty gains going to the gym and weight training along with proper diet is the best way. Remember to get creative if you want to add some wieght but you don’t have any free weights around you can use a stack of heavy books, water jugs, or just about anything else with a little wieght will work.

2. Lunges 

Lunges are a great way to lift and tone your booty. There are another you can get creative with and use household items if your wanting to add some wieght.

3. Jump Sqauts

Literally just like sqauts except when your in the parrallel position you jump up as high as you can. This is really going to help add cushion to you booty because of the exploding off of the ground. This is also great for building strength and getting you ready for lifting heavy wieght. Be mindful of you room is upstairs or your in an upstairs apartment, the jumping will be a little loud.

4. Fire Hydrants

This exercise was introduced to me by one of my college track coaches. This is a great one for toning the outer parts of your booty. The best way I can describe this exercise is to pretend your a dog peeing on a fire hydrant. In case that visual wasn’t good enough here’s and awesome how-to from

5. Donkey Kicks

This is another one introduced to me by my coach. It’s great for lifting your booty. For this exercise you get on all fours and kick up in the air. Here’s a great how-to from

These are a few of my favorite and my easy go to’s for the days I don’t feel like getting to the gym. Here’s the workout I do that includes all 5:

                        20 sqauts

                        20 lunges (10 on each leg)

                       20 jump squats

                       20 fire hydrants (each leg)

                       20 Donkey Kicks (each leg)

                             Repeat 3x

I hope these workouts will be helpful to you! As always feel free to comment. Any questions for me personally be sure to go to the contact tab on my menu and send me a direct message. Thanks so much for reading!


  1. Haha! I’d never heard of the fire hydrant before, pretty descriptive!! I know this is a “booty” workout but I’m definitely gunna give this a go! Are you on FB at all? We have a group of fitness enthusiasts all sharing tips and tricks if you’re interested in joining us? Here’s the link –


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