Natural Hair Hacks: Fighting Frizz

It is officially the rainy season here in North Texas and it has been raining pretty much every other day for the past few weeks. If your natural curly-head like me, I’m sure you’ve been racking up on the frizz products. My hair has been completely natural for about 6 years now and through trial and error I’ve come up with a pretty good frizz fighting routine. Before I get into my tips I want stress the importance in learning about your hair type. I have 3c hair which is pretty prone to frizz naturally. The reason this is important is because everybodies hair is different so what works for one hair type might not be what another hair type needs. All hair textures are gorgeous but they are different and that is absouly ok. These are going to be my most generic tips, that won’t break the bank, and will work for most hair types. So let’s get into it!

1. Prepoo-

I discovered Preepooing my hair about 2 years ago and I love it. There are definatly products that are made espesially for this but I like to use plain old olive oil from my kitchen. So what prepooing is, is putting oil in your hair before you wash/co-wash your hair. A lot of people are really into coconut oil right now but honestly olive oil and Jamaican Black castor oil work the best with my hair. My hair tends to be really dry and these oils absorb into my hair better. So before I co-wash I put a genouruse amount of either olive oil of black caster oil in my hair (usually olive oil), massage my scalp and comb it out. Then I wash/co-wash my hair as usual. This helps because moisture is the number one frizz fighter.

2. Co-Washing instead of using shampoo-

Curly hair really needs to be moisturized that’s why I began co-washing. It’s leaves in extra moisture in my hair and it leaves my hair waaaaaay softer than if I were to use shampoo. My favorite co-wash right now is As I Am coconut cowash. Not only does it smell great but my hair responds really well to it and it’s not too expensive but works just as well as the products that are.

3. Always rinse conditioner with cold water

This is a great tip because it seals in moisture by closing your hair cuticle. After you’ve applied conditioner and let it sit for a while and rinse it out with cold water. This really does make a difference for my hair. I can actually tell the difference in my over all curl definition when I do this.

4. T-Shirt Drying

This is another one I can see the difference in my hair when I do it and don’t do it. After you’ve washed and conditioned, dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt or a 100% cotton towel. This helps because cotton doesn’t dry your hair out too much or damage your cuticle like a standard towel can. This helps your retain moisture and your natural curl pattern.

5. Always put oil on after drying

So after I’ve t-shirt dried my hair I always put oil in my hair before I apply any other product. This works as a seal for all the moisture you just put in your hair. I always part my hair into fourths and apply olive oil throughout my hair focusing on my ends mostly. I use a wide tooth comb and comb each section after I’ve applied the oil.

6. Leave in conditioner is magic

I suggest that everybody use a leave in conditioner because it really helps with managing your hair. What kind of leave in conditioner really depends on your hair type. My hair needs a thicker creamier leave in conditioner that’s pretty much the same consistency of in-shower conditioners. If I’m out of my leave in, I’ve been know to just use a little bit of the conditioner I used in the shower. I’ve done this for years and it’s always worked really well on my hair. Depending on your hair type you might not need a conditioner that’s that thick. 

So those are a few of my basic tips for fighting frizz. After this procces I’ll usually apply my styling product and let it air dry. If I’m wanting a fuller look, I’ll diffuse my hair and manipulate it little with my hands to add more volume. This is what my hair looks like after allowing it to air dry using this process:

If your new to being natural please know that it takes time for your curls to get “used” to being curly especially if you’ve been chemically straighting it or you used heat to straighten it a lot. When I first started my curls were not really defined but the more I wore it curly and did twist outs the better my curl pattern became. Also, remember that nobody has the same hair. So what works for one person may not work for you, and that is ok! My mom literally shares half my DNA and some of the things she does and the products she uses doesn’t work on my hair. Trail and error is the best process for figuring your hair out. There are a few tips like the ones I’ve provide that will work with most hair types though. 

I really hope these tips help you out! Please share your tips with me if you have any, because I need them too! Like always comment or contact me if you have any questions or suggestions! Thanks for reading!


  1. I’ve been hearing about pre-poo but I’ve just been lazy but judging from the amount of oils that are typically in my hair before shampoo, odds are I’ve probably been unintentionally pre-pooing all these years hahah

    Coconut oil does not bang with my hair so I comp understood & agreed with your comment about Olive & Castor oil. I literally stopped using coconut oil & my hair’s been doing very well!

    I def need to do a better job with leave in conditioners tho.. thanks for sharing! xx


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