Why You Should Start Doing Gel Nails At Home

     I switched from acrylics to gel nails a couple of years ago. I loved acrylics but they were so damaging to my natural nails. So, I switched to getting gel nails and I instantly  fell in love with them. They looked natural, allowed my nails to grow long with less breakage and more importantly my naturally nails weren’t brittle when I took them off. The only problem I had with gel nails was how expensive they were. They were twice the price of acrylics! I was paying at least $30 every two weeks and upwards of $15 more if I wanted a design. So as a broke college student I would often go without getting my nails done or attempted to stretch my gel manicure as long as possible.

      I started seeing at home gel UV Lamps and gel polishes at stores more and I started to think it would be a good idea to just get one of those. So recently I purchased the Sensationail Gel Polish Starter Kit from my local Walgreens and I love it! It’s a one handed nail curer and it comes with a starter nail color, a gel primer, a top/base coat, and a nail cleanser. I LOVE IT! My nails look just like I got them done at the salon, its quick, and the nail color last just as long. The kit pays for it’s self after about 2 uses and it saves me the hassle of having to go to the nail shop and get my nails done. I strongly suggest that if you are a gel nail wearer or want to start getting your nails done to purchase this kit!

Screen Shot 2015-12-30 at 1.26.43 PM
This is my favorite at home Gel Nail kit! I purchased mine from Walgreens!