Hey everybody! The about page for me is always the hardest thing because I’m so weird about talking about myself sometimes! Well I want you guys know me a little better so here I go.

I am 24 years old and I am from Dallas, Tx! I have a degree in Broadcast Journalism with a minor in Public Realtions from the University of Central Arkansas. I originally began this blog as a way to help me deal with my post graduate delirium and as kind of a healing tool for myself as I navigate through my life. After many many reboots of the blog I have began to find my purpose as a blogger. I feel an overwhelming duty to help woman of all walks of life make it by offering knowledge on things that I have experienced. Here on Life Around Here I going to talk about everything from relationships and sex, to health and fitness, to meditation and mindfulness. Every story I share and every post I make is with the hopes that through me you will find yourself a little, become more healthy and just understand that there is someone out there that gets it. Thank you for giving my blog a chance and thank you for just being you! Please always feel free to contact me through my contact tab of my menu and please feel free to comment on anything that I post!

-xoxo Tozyea